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Indian Wedding Packages
We provide full wedding packages from pick up to drop off, including, but not limited to theme weddings, event coordination, venue selection, transportation, accommodation, decoration and fabrication of structures, catering and filming of events. This guarantees a hassle-free wedding experience for the bride, groom and their families.

We will have an initial consultation with you, and we suggest that you make a site visit about 2 months before the event in order to finalize the details and schedules. Where this is not possible, we will provide enough photographs to allow you to completely visualize the setting.

During the wedding we keep a supporting staff at the ratio of 1 staff for every 10 guests in order to assist your guests in every which way. Depending on the size of the event 1-3 of our own management team will always be present to oversee the operations. Our team typically arrives on site 2-3 days before the event, as the caterers need to start preparing the food and the decorators need to start setting up the venues.

The packages below will give you a general idea of what we offer. Keep in mind that there are a lot of smaller details that have not been mentioned, but are an integral part of a successful Gem Wedding.
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